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Ornamental Borders, Scrolls and Cartouches in Historic Decorative Styles

Ornamental borders scrolls and cartoughes | PDF | 30 pages | 24 MB

Baking image 20xJPGs
 20 RGB.JPGs | 3468 x 2243 pixels | 59 MB


Cabbage 10xJPGs
10 RGB.JPGs l 3880 x 2580 pixels l 21 MB

baby2 20xJPGs
 20 RGB.JPEG| 3000 x 2180 pixels | 29 MB

Baby 20xJPGs
 20 RGB.JPEG| 2000 x 3008 pixels | 29 MB
 20 pcs RGB.JPEG l 2000X3008 pixels l 29 MB

3d_word 7xJPGs
7 RGB.JPGs | 5600 x 3500 | 5 MB

Dosch Building Collection 3D Models MAX v4
70 Models MAX | 1 GB

Video2Brain - Premiere Elements 8 (2010) German
January 2010 | GERMAN | ISO | 2.8 GB
By Andre Reinegg
  • Premiere Elements 8, you have the ideal tool at hand to edit your videos from A to Z. To better serve you properly, Andre Reinegg shows you in this video training live all the key steps and functions. You learn how to import video, cut, paste and spice blends your movies with effects. Separate chapters are included on the various export formats, and finally create a DVD complete with main and chapter menu. Just do with!


Video2Brain - InDesign & Illustrator fьr Photoshop Anwender (2010)
February 2010 | GERMAN | ISO | 2.38 GB
By Gerald Singelmann
  • Quick, elegant, reliable production. You master Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign, but is familiar to you not much more than the icon? And you like to build logos or even entire pages in Photoshop? Then this video training is made exactly for you. Gerald Singelmann emanates from the knowledge of experienced Photoshop users, and solution paths and tips on how to create layouts and illustrations fast, elegant, and reliable.

Ultimate 3D World Training Collection DVD Vol One
The Ultimate 3D World Training Collection Vol.1 DVD
3D World Mag | English | ISO RAR: 3.83 GB
  • Welcome to The Ultimate 3D World Training Collection: Vol 1. This DVD brings together 30 of the best tutorials published in 3D World between issues 100 and 115, plus four full 3D software packages, as sold for $798. On this side of the disc, you can find the full software packages: Carrara 6 Pro, Hexagon 2, TrueSpace 7.6, Blender 2.48 supporting tutorials for the software; four tips articles; and a complete project on modelling and animating a production-ready dinosaur character. Flip the disc over and insert the other side in your drive for the remaining tutorials. Tutorials are presented in PDF format, complete with all of the supporting files necessary to complete the walkthrough. Please note that the PDFs appear as originally printed in the magazine. Although some may instruct you to download bonus files from our website, these have already been provided for you on the DVD. The PDFs are screen-resolution: full-sized versions of the screenshots are provided separately.